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This is my first day. Let’s see if I remember the instructions. Put ALL clothing I plan to wear, in the Bio chamber, close the door and press the red button. After about five minutes, when the door unlocks, open … Continue reading

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Cigarettes or Bullets

Just curious; Has the cost of a bullet increased as much as the cost of a cigarette? A 9mm bullet will cost you between 21 and 23 cents. A Newport will cost between 30 and 35 cents. Hummm…what’s wrong with … Continue reading

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A letter to average white America

A letter to average white America¬† I was just listening to one of your beloved right-wing talk show hosts. He was ranting about the decision of lawmakers in Philadelphia, to hand out condoms to sexually active eleven year old boys. … Continue reading

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You will find me

You will find me somewhere between winter’s frown and summer’s smile… I will be that first drop of rain that gently kisses the back of your hand. Listen to the wind rustling through the trees, and you will hear me … Continue reading

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Many yesterdays – few tomorrows

I’ll be 68 this year…that’s 2 away from 70. Where has the time gone? I’m from a time when everything was made of metal and you flagged down the horse-drawn Ice wagon for a 25 cent block of ice for … Continue reading

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