Many yesterdays – few tomorrows

I’ll be 68 this year…that’s 2 away from 70. Where has the time gone? I’m from a time when everything was made of metal and you flagged down the horse-drawn Ice wagon for a 25 cent block of ice for your ice box. Milk was left on your door step and doctors made house calls. A pack of cigarettes was a quarter and a gallon of gas was 32 cents. I sat at my Great Grand Mother’s feet and listened to “The Shadow” and “Amos and Andy”. We were the first on our block to have a TV…a DuPont in a beautiful dark wood cabinet with doors that closed to hide that little 16 inch black and white screen. I remember trips to the corner drug store that had a tube tester. I was so proud the first time I was given that task. And that drug store also had hamburgers and milkshakes the likes of which I’ve not tasted since.   

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