A letter to average white America

A letter to average white America 

I was just listening to one of your beloved right-wing talk show hosts. He was ranting about the decision of lawmakers in Philadelphia, to hand out condoms to sexually active eleven year old boys. He went on and on about how a lack of discipline and education was the root cause of this activity. He ended his rant with, “These children need discipline, not condoms. They need to be educated and I am a firm believer in education”.

I got to thinking; this guy (who claims to speak for the majority of you) was probably in favor of all the cuts that have crippled public education over the years; and now he is a “firm believer in education”. He was fine with taking Wood Shop, Music, and Art, out of schools, but he’s a “firm believer in education”. He probably also believes it is OK for parents to be arrested, when little Johnny shows up in school with a welt on his behind, from a sorely needed, good old fashioned spanking (which is now called child abuse),  and now he asks, “Where’s the discipline”.

He happily collected his shareholder earnings as corporations (aided by Washington tax incentives) sent millions of jobs over-seas, then votes against extending unemployment benefits or increasing the minimum wage.

And YOU, the average white American, continually send the same old, rich, white guys back to Washington and expect things to change (or do you?). Reality check; they are rich and comfortable. Their kids go to private schools that cost more than most of you make in a year. They have the best healthcare and auto insurance packages and do not pay for either. Oh, they’ll throw you a bone now and then, so you’ll re-elect them, but even if you don’t, they’ve got a sweet pension due them after only one term in office.

You let Bush steal two elections; lie to get into a war that killed four thousand young Americans (and maimed thousands more) and over half of you still think he was a better President than Obama. You whine and complain about the cost of health care and then call Obama a communist when he tries to do something about it. If this president where white, he’d be the apple of your eye; but you can’t get past the color of his skin.


Your judicial system is racist, your police are racist thugs, your priests are pedophiles, and your politicians are arrogant, greedy and corrupt. You poor, silly white folks; with your KKK and your Tea party. When are you going to wake up and realize who your real enemy is?


<a href=”https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Vr00KMl-Jus&#8221; target=”_blank”>Violence: An American Tradition Part 1</a>

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